201_Erste Date- Zimmer

„the first date“ room, the atmosphere and the space that holds and provokes, two people who discover a new language, newborn looks, awkward movements and deceitful silences.
The place that contains the success or the uncomfortable retreat of two hearts that seek to match their rhythms, during a night or for a piece of life.

A room transformed to interpret this moment through painting.Xilberto L. Núñez (Mexico City, 1992) Visual artist bases in Toluca city, He has participated in more than 30 collective exhibitions in Mexico, South America, The United States and Europe. He has three solo exhibitions in Mexico and two in Germany.
Coordinates the Chahuixtle, Centro de Experimentación Gráfica, whose main objective is the artistic development from the traditional and non-conventional printing processes, Cofundadord and coordinator of the Nido Gallery, a project oriented to the management and diffusion of emerging art in the city of Toluca. Since 2012 he has worked in the teaching of graphic arts. In 2013, he made independent studies on marble sculpture in Athens and Naxos ( Greece). He has been selected twice by the Artistic and Creation Stimulation Development Program FOCAEM (Mexico, 2015 and 2017). His work is part of the collection of the Zuckerman Museum of Art (USA) and Münchner Küntlerhaus (Germany).